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In honor of today being 4/20 — every smoker’s favorite day of the year — we’ve compiled the 25 best rap songs relating to weed.

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Though some may be more about bud than others, all are guaranteed to make your hh all the more enjoyable. Method Man, “Tical” Meth’s entire first album should be here, but we’re just going to go with the spacey, RZA-produced title track, which puts you in the perfect mindset for blasting off into outer space.

I <b>Got</b> the <b>Hook</b> Up 1998 - Soundtracks - IMDb

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For every gambolling tune about falling in love, there must surely be a counterpoint.

I <b>Got</b> the <b>Hook</b> Up 1998 - Soundtracks - IMDb
Gettin' Kinda Hectic Snap! and Chill Rob G's Epic

These are the songs of heartbreak, songs that distil the misery of failed relationships, unrequited loves, disappointment and rejection, and set it to music.Every Britney Spears song, ranked - Entertainment

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